The Real Thing

He crashed into my life like a hurricane of bad manners and hot kisses and turned my peaceful existence upside down.

Marcus the Magnificent, the world’s newest up-and-coming magician and internet sensation. 

The moment I saw him walk across the sky on nothing but air, he became my enigma. His talent fascinated me. His good looks reigned over my imagination, and the mystery behind his mask wouldn’t let me rest.

Striving to learn everything about this man, I realized there was much more to him than his mysterious abilities. He moved through life surrounded by people, yet none of them knew who he really was. Cut off from his past, he didn’t fully know himself.

The stage, flooded with bright lights, had become the hiding place of all his secrets, some of which threatened to destroy him.

fire and ice hands
The Real Thing - Marina Simcoe
Marcus and Angela
Marina Simcoe-The Real Thing-Marcus
Marina Simcoe-The Real Thing-Times Square

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Marina Simcoe-The Real Thing-Times Square