To Love A Monster

Deep in the wilderness of northern Canada a monster lurks.
For years, he has fought an uphill battle for his humanity, only to lose it to the beast inside him at the end.

When he attacks me in the woods then reluctantly helps me fight for survival, my strange journey to discover the troubled man who hides underneath the dreadful appearance and the gruff attitude begins.
The more I get to know the man within the beast, the more reasons I find to appreciate the person I think he is.

Until I find out that the most terrifying thing about him is not his wild looks, not even his volatile temper, but his connection to the monster of my past.

The most terrifying is the beast inside him.

To Love A Monster
To Love A Monster by Marina Simcoe
Enchanted Forest
To Love A Monster by Marina Simcoe
Winter Forest
To Love A Monster by Marina Simcoe

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Winter Forest