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Let me tell you about this project.  I don't often do anthologies, mostly because of time constrains and because I'm very picky. My time is so precious, I approach every project very carefully.

This is only the second anthology ever that I decided to participate in. The reason I decided to apply for this one was because the organizers strictly curated all applications, based on the quality of the stories. There're only 12 authors in Summer Solstice Seduction, but there were several times more applications. The multi-stage selection process was rigorous and thorough, and I'm very proud that my story made it. I'm so excited to read the work of other authors, too.

My story for this anthology, Fire in Stone! If you read Madame Tan's Freakshow series, you've already met the hero, though he spends his time "stone-faced" in those books. :) The dragon-man statue in Madame Tan's menagerie, the one that Ivy dusted as part of her chores and the one that Lero was so adamant to save—his name is Elex, and he has a story to tell! It's the part of Summer Solstice Seduction anthology, coming this June. Now on pre-order!

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