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Wicked Warlock

Cursed Coven, Book 2

No one can stop the curse laid on him—and breaking it may kill me.
I may not have much in this world, but I do have a life plan: work hard, save every penny, get that college degree, and build a better life for myself.

Getting involved with the guests of the hotel where I work would derail me from that path. I have been specifically warned to keep away from the ones who stay in the top-floor suite, the best the hotel has to offer.
That includes the mysterious man, who keeps his face hidden and has some extraordinary things happening in his room.

Before I know it, though, I am drawn to the mystery, to the man himself, and to the incredible world of magic that surrounds him. And when he asks for my help because of a strange affliction that apparently prevents him from using anything electronic, I agree.

Soon, I learn the devastating truth about the curse that plagues him. With time running out, I need to find a way to break it before it takes from me the love I have just found.

Wicked Warlock- Oliver and April
Oliver-Wicked Warlock
Cursed coven
Oliver in stone
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