About Me

I write Paranormal, Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance because I believe that our contemporary world could always use a little bit of the extraordinary.


I love writing stories with human heroines and out-of-this world heroes who just can't live without them.

It's always a lot of fun exploring how my otherworldly heroes, with their own set of beliefs, values and aspirations, fit into our everyday life.

Madame Tan's Freakshow

Call of Water, Book 1

Serpent's Touch, Book 2 — 2021

Fire in Stone, Book 3 — 2021

Madness of the Moon, Book 4

Power of Rage, Book 5

My Holiday Tails

Married to Krampus

My Tiny Giant

Dark Anomaly

Gravity, Book 1

Power, Book 2

Explosion, Book 3 — 2021

Sci-Fi Romance Standalone Novels

Enduring (Valos of Sonhadra)


Tel: 123-456-7890

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