About Me

I write Paranormal, Science Fiction and Fantasy Romance because I believe that our contemporary world could always use a little bit of the extraordinary.


I love writing stories with human heroines and out-of-this world heroes who just can't live without them.

It's always a lot of fun exploring how my otherworldly heroes, with their own set of beliefs, values and aspirations, fit into our everyday life.

Standalone Novels set in Demons World

The Real Thing

To Love A Monster

Sci-Fi Romance Standalone Novels

Enduring (Valos of Sonhadra)


Madame Tan's Freakshow

Call of Water, Book 1

Serpent's Touch, Book 2 — 2021

Fire in Stone, Book 3 — 2021

Madness of the Moon, Book 4

Power of Rage, Book 5

Dark Anomaly

Gravity, Book 1

Power, Book 2 — 2020/2021

Explosion, Book 3 — 2021

Midnight Coven

Wicked Warlock

Tel: 123-456-7890

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