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Mail Order Mom

In their marriage of convenience, I become the major inconvenience. 
Captain Xavran Rax from the planet Aldrai doesn’t need a lover, a friend, or even a companion. He’s been keeping a secret about his wife’s death for over a decade, and he’s certainly not interested in replacing her anytime soon.
The only reason he decides to bring a woman into his household is because he believes it would benefit his four children, especially his two daughters.

Mara Takolsky doesn’t find Aldraians even remotely attractive. Neither does she care about children of any species.
She accepts the proposal of Captain Rax only because her dead fiancé owed a lot of money to the criminals who now wish to collect it from her, either in money or blood. Leaving Earth is her only chance to stay alive.

You may ask how do I fit into Captain and Mara’s ever so practical marriage of convenience? The answer is I don’t. I’m Susanna, Mara’s twin sister. I also have a man who betrayed me, and I tag along to Aldrai to get away from the mafia who threaten to kill both Mara and me.

When my sister and I arrive on Aldrai, however, things don’t go as planned…


All books in My Holiday Tails series are stand-alone, loosely connected by the same world and the fact that all heroes have tails.
This series can be read in any order.

MoM - T2
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