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Double date to celebrate a new year on the planet Neron sounds like an adventure, especially when my blind date belongs to the little-known alien race of Aldraians.

As a steward of a luxury yacht, most of my adult life has been spent traveling. Now that I’m the lead flight attendant of a spaceship, the new year’s celebration finds me on an entirely new to me planet, Neron.
My blind date, the alien from the planet Aldrai, is huge, strong, and slightly intimidating. But he also turns out charming and easy-going, with an intriguing secret tail that he keeps hidden from view. 
I sense Greyx is what the heartache is made of. And I avoid taking risks in my life. Including risking my heart.
When fate brings us together again, whole hell breaks loose. Crazy, impossible things start to happen and now, there’s nothing I can do to stop the life as I know it from spinning out of control. 
Nothing is safe about my life anymore.
I find myself in a mysterious facility on a dying planet. It’s run by green, four-legged aliens with sinister motivations. And I’m not sure about Greyx’s involvement in their scheme.
Can I trust him to get me out of this?
Can I afford not to?
Do I even have a choice?


All books in My Holiday Tails series are stand-alone, loosely connected by the same world and the fact that all heroes have tails.
This series can be read in any order.

An orgasm teased me, dancing on the tip of his tongue.
NYNP - p69
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