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Madame Tan's Freakshow, book 1

Can I trust a word he says? When the only things that have proven true are his touch and his kisses? 

A man with a teasing smile and an angel’s voice, Zeph is supposed to be nothing more than a beautiful, fun Parisian adventure. His voice lures me in. His cerulean blue eyes draw me to him. And his smile puts me at ease.

We part after just one night. The next time I see him, I'm captured and trapped in a world I never knew existed. Intriguing and whimsical on the outside, it turns dark and sinister as I plunge deeper into a trap from which there is no escape.

Humans do not belong in Madame Tan’s Freakshow, so what is Zeph doing here? I realize I know nothing about the man who has ruled over my imagination from the day we met.

I need to find my way out—with or without Zeph’s help—or risk spending the rest of my life locked in a cage.

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