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My Worlds

The River of Mists
Joyless Kingdom
Wingless Crow
Somber Prince Cover-SMALL.jpg

Night reigns in the black desert of the Alveari Kingdom in the World of Under. Its people are unable to experience happiness on their own, and I am to become the Joy Vessel for their Crown Prince, even as I don’t feel particularly joyful about such a future.

Wingless Crow-cover-SMALL.jpg
Crownless King-cover EBOOK_edited.png
Of Mountains and Sky-Cover.jpg
Serpent's Touch
Serpent's Touch Cover-SMALL.jpg
Serpent's Claim Cover SMALL.jpeg
Serpent's Promise CoverSMALL2.jpg
Fire in Stone
Fire in Stone - Cover-SMALL.jpg
Hearts on Fire - Cover-SMALL.jpg
Madame Tan's Freakshow
Call of Water cover-SMALL.jpg
Madness of the Moon- SMALL cover.jpg
Power of Rage cover-SMALL.jpg
The Demons World
Marina Demon Mine_ebook-SMALL.jpg
SMALL The Forgotten_ebook_v4.jpg
GrandMaster_ebook_cover SMALL.jpg
Zayne cover_edited.jpg
Book 5-Cover.jpg
The Real Thing Cover

Incubi is a unique kind of demons. They crave human touch. They need it to thrive. Yet they have been forced to live in isolation for centuries.

Banished to our world as a punishment for crimes they no longer remember, they barelly exist. 

Until a spark of attraction ignites between an Incubus and a human woman, setting off a chain of events that will change their world forever.


Includes the completed 5-book series Demons, a bonus story Zayne and Tanya, and 2 stand alone novels The Real Thing and To Love a Monster

Small Monster Final ebook Cover2.jpg
The World of Science-Fiction Romance
My Holiday Tails
Krampus- Cover-SMALL-2.jpg
My Tiny Giant cover NEW - SMALL.jpg
BG cover NEW - SMALL- Cover.jpg
NYNP - NEW Cover-SMALL.jpg
Mail Order  Mom - small.jpg
My Pumpkin - New Cover-EBOOK_edited.jpg
Alien Dad - Cover SMALL.jpg

The series My Holiday Tails was born during the lockdown in the early spring of 2020. As the world turned darker, I wanted to go lighter with the stories I wrote. 

I hitched a ride with the happy-go-lucky woman named Daisy and left Earth with her. Along with Daisy, I travelled to the newly discovered planet Neron where she was going to marry an alien she'd never met. Writing about Daisy's adventures helped me get through some difficult times. I hope the books in this series will cheer you up, too, whenever you need a little break from reality. 

Dark Anomaly Trilogy
Gravity-ebook cover-SMALL.jpg

The world of the Dark Anomaly is dark. But the romance the three stranded women find on this mysterious entity in space is beautiful and steamy.

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