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Valos of Sonhadra

They say crime doesn’t pay . . . but what if it’s done in the name of love? Being left behind by my boyfriend and getting arrested wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was becoming a test subject for a mad scientist, a crash landing in the prison spaceship and then struggling to survive in a deadly alien jungle. 
I could have paid with my life, instead, I was given two incredible reasons to love again and this time the thing I need to do is to hold on to them.

Love condemned me, now it’s the only thing left that can save everything I hold dear.
Simply enduring is no longer enough. 
I want to truly live.

This book is part of Valos of Sonhadra series, which consists of 9 standalone stories that can be read out of order.

Cover Art by Naomi Lucas and Cameron Kamenicky.

Illustration of Zoya - Concept Design by Cass from Two Horses Swift

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Zoya Ray
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