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It took them less than 12 hours to conquer Earth, and then 9 more years to finally demand what they've come here for—me.

Whatever dreams I have about my future are crushed within an hour. The control I have over my life and my body is taken away. 
I don't get to plan my wedding.
I don't even get to choose my husband.
I am stripped of my rights and my free will, and reduced to being nothing but the subject of their experiment.

The last thing I expect is to find love among the enemy. Tairan seems to be the only one who sees a person in me, although he appears to be keeping secrets from me too.

When everything I hold dear is threatened, the only choice I have is to fight back.

What they don't expect is that a woman pushed to the limit can be unafraid to stand against an entire alien race. I may not have weapons or any combat skills, but I'll fight. To defend my love, my family, and our future from the evil that is in charge of our lives...

"I'll live, love, and die at your side. Always."

No Choice
Kealan Attack
Tairan and Isabella
Experiment by Marina Simcoe
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