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Aliens came to Earth to abduct our women. It backfired. Now, they’re returning them.
And I'm in charge of shuttling women back from orbit.
I have a crush on the alien ship’s Commander. Who can blame me? He’s tall and gorgeous, with skin the color of midnight. He has a voice that can purr or roar and seven long tails that he really knows how to use.
I know I can’t have him. I’ve never even spoken to him. But when an incident happens that renders the Commander unconscious, I have no choice but to take him to my grandpa’s remote cabin.
Instead of cooperating, the Commander thinks he’s abducted.
Now, I have a pissed-off alien on the loose in the Canadian wilderness somewhere, wearing not much more than my Snuggie.
I need to find him or risk losing my job and starting an interplanetary conflict among other things.
What I don’t know is that finding him will cost me my heart.


All books in My Holiday Tails series are stand-alone, loosely connected by the same world and the fact that all heroes have tails.
This series can be read in any order.

My Birthday Getaway - SMALL Cover
Teaser 2
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