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He saw me first. But I'm not meant for him.
Stolen from the human world, I’m brought to the kingdom of sky fae to entertain the king. With my memories taken, I no longer remember my past, but my future depends on gaining King Tiane’s favor and affection. Against my better judgment, however, it’s the attention of the morose and sarcastic High General Voron that I crave.
As I try to fit in the glamorous yet dangerous court life, Voron is always there, lurking in the shadows. I believe he’s watching me as part of his duties. Then I realize he is watching over me. But even the mighty High General can’t protect me from what the king has planned.
Voron is the only highborn without wings. I’m the only human in Sky Kingdom. We agree to hate each other, but when my life is at stake and I have no one else to turn to, can I take the risk of trusting him?

Trigger warning: Intoxication with magical substances. Memory loss. Chapter 25 contains a non-con blood-play scene, not between the main couple, but it may be triggering to some. 

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