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Dark Anomaly, book 3

I came here for three reasons—the adventure, the reward, and my captain.
The minute we land in this cursed place, the adventure becomes a nightmare. My crew gets killed. Injured, I don’t think I’ll survive either on this mysterious entity in space that its inhabitants call the Dark Anomaly.

The damirian alien, Malahki, seems to be the only one aware of my existence. Malahki insists I refer to him as “he,” even though he is of the neutral gender. Damirians only change to male or female when they meet their other half.

I know he feels nothing for me, and I’m certainly not attracted to the sarcastic, emotionless damirian with a snappy attitude. What I don’t know is that a volcano of feelings is building under his cool façade. All he needs is the right woman to trigger the eruption. But will the explosion be so powerful that it’ll consume me?

The Dark Anomaly is not conducive to happy endings. What future awaits us here? As the time passes, the life on it is deteriorating. This place threatens to destroy us all.

They say there is no leaving the Dark Anomaly. How about blowing it the f*ck up! 

Explosion is the third and the final book in the Dark Anomaly trilogy.

anomaly symbol-red
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Explosion - Malahki
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