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Serpent's Touch
Part 1

Mysterious and tragic, Madame Tan’s menagerie is the only home I’ve ever known. It’s a place where two worlds merge, a twilight zone between Earth and the magical Kingdom of Nerifir.
The menagerie is filled with fantastic animals, but I discover that Madame captures and displays sentient beings too.
One of them is locked in a crate day and night, not seen by anyone, and one day I learn why— looking at him kills. Even talking to Kyllen is forbidden, but I break that rule.
I break many rules for him.
He wants his freedom and offers me a chance to escape Madame’s cruelties.
Little do I realize that with Kyllen, my heart is in an even greater danger than my life.
Can I love a man whom I can’t even see? 

Kyllen-commission by Ruslana Shybinska, Twitter: @Redhead_Trckstr
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