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They are big, strong and silent. Their faces are hidden behind masks and their bodies are enclosed in armored suits. They took me from my home in the middle of the night and have been holding me in isolation for months. I don’t fully understand the purpose of my captivity. No one explains anything to me. No one talks to me.

Nearly driven to madness, with no more hope for freedom, I no longer care if I live or die… And then he speaks to me. Just a few words. He throws me a lifeline and helps me find my way back to sanity. He becomes my only companion, my light in the darkness.

I suspect that they may not be entirely human… What is worse is that he may be one of them.

The DEMONS series is now complete.

Demons Series Logo-cropped
DEMON MINE-Sytrius in Armor
DEMON MINE by Marina Simcoe
DEMON MINE by Marina Simcoe
FINAL Ebook Demon Mine
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