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Now stolen myself and brought into the world I never planned to come to, I have to try hard to survive. Or die like so many do around me. A war is raging in Dakath, and I don’t belong on either side of it.
The dragons at King Edkhar’s Court are stronger, faster, more ruthless than I could ever be. But as the only human in the kingdom where everyone turns to stone from sunset to sunrise, I may have an advantage still.
I can’t trust anyone in the king’s castle, not even Elex. His life is tied to the king, who is the most despicable man among the dragons. Except that the king doesn’t know what I’m capable of to protect those I love. I’m not even aware myself about the incredible power that lies inside me—the power of human love.

This book is the conclusion to the duet Fire in Stone, set in Marina Simcoe's world of the River of Mists.
The story of the main characters continues from part 1, Fire in Stone.

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