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The Last Unforgiven:


Demons, Book 5

“Your pain is mine now, just as mine is yours.” 

Pain of betrayal by the only man I have ever loved derails my life. As a professional marriage counsellor, I have the knowledge of all the tools and techniques to help me cope, yet I find myself unable to use any of them effectively, plunging into a wide range of self-destructing behaviours, instead.

A lifelong enemy of my family, the dangerously irresistible Raim, promises to be the most devastatingly destructive of them all. Yet he appears to be the only one capable of saving me from my pain and from myself.
Neither of us knows that there is so much more that connects us all, more than even the former Grand Master of the Incubi Council who lived for a millennium could be aware of.

Now, everyone with demons’ blood in them will need to find a way to work together, in order to stop the apocalypse masterminded by a man with nothing to lose.
Otherwise, the Incubi's millennium long existence in our world will be coming to an end.

The Last Unforgiven—Freed is the final book and the conclusion of Marina Simcoe’s Demons series.

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